Griffen Alexander: A Review

In the middle of a two-week tour that has taken him from Minnesota to Chicago, Griffen Alexander made his way to Parkside this Monday. As he settled into what he called a “cozy” performance, he took the time to talk to the audience and tell us a little about himself. As a newly graduated student from college, he is now a fulltime musician.

His music style, to me, was kind of mainstream pop. His sound and lyrics sounded like a song one might hear off of a Dashboard Confessional album or something to that extent. He definitely had a cliché, sensitive, pop singer vibe going on, but it worked for him. He still had a soulful quality to some of his songs, and his lyrics were pretty original. I really enjoyed some of the music arrangements he made, especially the arrangement to “If You Want Me Then Get With Me” and “Incapable”. I also enjoyed the songs “I Will”, “Nervous Hands” and his cover of “Use Somebody” by the Kings of Leon.

Before each song, he gave a little story about what each meant and what he was going through while writing them, which was awesome. It helped him connect with the audience and just made the performance feel more personable.

Something I could definitely tell was that he was passionate about his music. He does not come across as an overly confident, cocky person; he was really appreciative to everyone who came to see the show. He was also really down to earth which translated through into his music. His lyrics were relatable and had something that mostly everyone could relate to in some way.

The performance was put together by P.A.B. and I definitely think they did a great job setting it up. Overall, I enjoyed myself. If you are interested in the sort of pop rock sound, I would definitely recommend checking him out.

Griffen’s website:

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