Stay Away From Elevators If You Have Done Bad

I went to see Devil over the weekend, not expecting much from it due to the fact that M. Night Shamalayn was involved. Pretty much every film he’s been involved with has not been that good. However, I can honestly say that Devil is actually a film worth seeing.

Apparently, this film is the first of a trilogy Shamalayn is presenting called The Night Chronicles, and if the other two films are as good as this one, it will definitely be a trilogy to watch for a good scare. The acting may not be good, which is normal in a “scary” movie, but the excitement and action more than made up for it. Being a low budget, as well, they still managed to make some unique frightening events or occurrences happen, which impressed me.

When you see the trailers, you pretty much think that the whole plot revolves around five strangers, with dark pasts, trapped in an elevator where crazy stuff happens. An example of this would be where the younger girl in the elevator, Sarah, says that she feels something bite her, and she lifts up her shirt and has a wound on her back.
Crazy stuff happening to the people in the elevator is a big chunk of what the movie is about, but there are also two side stories, which happen to tie in with the main story arc at the end. The way the filmmakers combined the all the crazy events was very well done too; they did not rush the movie at all.

Lastly, people who have seen Shamalayn’s films know he’s a “one-trick pony”, always having a twist ending. Well, in this film, I’m happy to say, that trick does not happen in the film at all!

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