A Town: Exciting to Watch, But Dangerous to Live In

When I first saw a trailer for The Town, it looked like an interesting film that I wanted to see. Normally before I see a film, I check out the Rotten Tomatoes website to see what the buzz is. It was getting critical acclaim on the website, apparently, so I decided to go see it to see if it was that good. Yes, it was that good!

The film, itself, is considered a crime thriller, with the main characters Doug, Jem, Gloansy, and Dez being the criminals; however, it has some psychological elements in it, which made it even more compelling. Ben Afleck (who played Doug) and his group of criminals are ingenious. After they robbed the bank, they’d put bleach on everything they touched (getting rid of their fingerprints, disabling the electronics in the bank, and setting fire to their own vehicle, while having another vehicle ready to use for their actual escape.) Plus, aside from the action, you have the complicated romance of Doug with the Bank Manager, Claire, who he ends up robbing in the beginning of the film– obviously that’s not really a good way to start a relationship.

The film kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching it. The aspect that interested me the most though were the car chases. The car chases were different from others I’ve seen, due to the fact that these ones seemed to deal more with turning sharp corners in tight areas, not really dealing with high speed chases on the highway.

So, even though The Town was a great film, it is definitely a town I’d never want to visit, unless I wanted to get robbed and/or possibly killed. I haven’t seen Ben Afleck in any movies over the past few years, but if he continues to star and/or create more films like this one, I will definitely be seeing them.

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