Thursday’s Top 20–9/23/10

Well, now that school’s beginning is waning to an end, and we aren’t quite at Fall Fest, many folks cry out about their boredom. Luckily, Mr. Donahoe has tips for all you jaded goon balls. This week’s Top 20 revolves around 20 things you can do when you’re bored.

20. Play Twister– just make sure your next to the best looking person or else this is a horrible experience.
19. Pretend to be dead in public places.
18. Sit at a table on the bridge (between the Student Union and Molinaro Hall) and find peoples’ look-a-likes.
17. Duplicate the roof of the Sistine Chapel–on your dorm room ceiling.
16. Magic Tricks.
15. Learn how to do the “Bow” dance. Having someone teach you how to “Douggie” suffices.
14. Drop things from high places.
13. Pick six of your best friends and play Candyland in one of the many elevators.
12. Listen to songs with French lyrics– Arcade Fire is strongly recommended.
11. Start collecting samples of peoples’ hair. You must admit that the girls in Theatre Appreciation have lovely locks.
10. Support the Girl’s Volleyball team, by dressing up as either a nurse or an Athenian.
09. Catch up on some much needed rest–under a tree.
08. Take accordion lessons.
07. Watch porn in the computer lab.
06. Hit The Den. Get a tattoo. Chug three beers. Go skydiving.
05. Meet Mr. Giggles.
04. Bowl down the hallway. Anything can substitute as bowling pins, preferably non-traditional students.
03. Do the Tour-De-Carthage–on a “Green Bike”
02. Do hookah stands on the green picnic tables.

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01. As Latarian Milton said, in summary of all these fine things, “Do hoodrat stuff wif your friendz.”

Story by Andrew Donahoe

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