Guest Artist at Parkside!

Guest artist Deborah Staples from the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre leads movement and character development workshop rehearsals for UWP Theatre Department’s production of She Stoops to Conquer!

“What can I say to him, a mere boy, an idiot, whose ignorance and age are a protection?… A poor contemptible booby, that would but disgrace correction… Baw! Damme, but I’ll fight you both after the other—— with baskets!” As the Theatre department at Parkside fires up their season with Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer, the performers within this production are getting the rare opportunity to work with a guest artist from the Milwaukee theatre district. Because this piece pertains to a very particular style of movement and habitual mannerisms, Director Lisa Kornetsky finds it extremely beneficial to have actress Deborah Staples from the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre lead movement workshops for the actors.

She Stoops to Conquer is a restoration comedy that tells the tale of mayhem and confusion in the time span of one night. Restoration refers to a type of comedy of manners that developed in England in the late seventeenth century. There are countless occasions of witty and pointed verbal exchange that does a unique service to its romantic plot. Staples was called upon to lead the actors of this production in specialty movement and character development for this particular theatre style.

In speaking with the director, Lisa Kornetsky comments on the presence of Staples. “Firstly, I absolutely admire Staples in all of her work and creativity as an artist. What I like most about this process is the connection between what I can do for and with the actors, and what she brings to the table to enhance their abilities as performers with this particular movement and character development.” Kornetsky is very pleased to have Staples among the rehearsal process.

Staples is a resident actress at the Milwaukee Repertory theatre, and has previously worked with Parkside in past productions. She also serves as an instructor in Milwaukee Rep.’s summer educational theatre program where inspiring actors can learn to enhance their techniques.

Having Staples for this production illustrates Parkside’s strengthening connection between this department and the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. As each year passes, UWP’s theatre department maintains a substantial connection with The Rep by bringing in guest artists, organizing trips to see their shows, and encouraging student involvement in their educational workshops and internship programs. The involvement with an outside professional theatre prepares students for what to essentially expect upon entering the professional setting. It also encourages growth as artists, and enhances creative interest in all aspects of theatre.

“Having Staples here is a great honor. She serves as a huge asset to the overall success of this production!” says Kornetsky. She Stoops to Conquer is currently in rehearsal and opens in October. Stay tuned for more inside information on this production!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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