In Review: The Pendragon Adventure

The Pendragon Adventure is an epic series of books that follow the eponymous Bobby Pendragon in a race to defeat an evil demon named Saint Dane. It has ten titles with the last book being released on May 12, 2009. It’s a fantasy and action read, sprinkled with sci-fi here and there.

The series stars Bobby as his team of Travelers made up of people from several different territories. They travel from territory to territory using flumes, which are powerful, musical tunnels that transport them to where ever they need to go. They must also record their adventures in special journals. Every Traveler also has an Acolyte, a trusted person from their territory that keeps each of their journals, using rings that work like flumes.

All of these people must team up to defeat Saint Dane, who wants to take all of the territories and form them to his own image. He does this by finding and influencing every territory’s turning point, a point in time where the actions of the people living there will further their advancement for good or help to destroy their civilizations.

The series has a colorful cast of characters. Throughout the series the characters develop and change in some way. MacHale is very descriptive with the environments, technology, and characters he creates; all right, he’s descriptive with just about everything, mentioning the smallest details and sometimes crossing into purple prose.

The Merchant of Death is the first book and follows Bobby to the medieval-esque territory of Denduron, where he meets the traveler Loor. Loor is a tough, serious fighter and one of Bobby’s best companions. The discovery of an explosive mineral may rip the fragile civilization of the world apart and they must stop it from happening.

The Lost City of Faar takes place in aquatic based territory of Cloral. Bobby meets Vo Spader, the charismatic, yet somewhat irresponsible traveler. Bobby attempts to find the mythical city of Faar and revert the turning point of a new fertilizer that could put the entire territory in danger.

The Never World follows Bobby to First Earth, which is the Earth of the past, in 1937. He meets the traveler Gunny, the oldest traveler and a kind, insightful man. The turning point here is just way too surprising for me to spoil.

In fact around this point it starts to become hard to give descriptions of the other books without spoiling the over all story. The next books are: The Reality Bug, Black Water, The Rivers of Zadaa, The Quillian Games, The Pilgrims of Rayne, and finally, The Soldiers of Halla.

Also some other important characters are Mark, Bobby’s best friend from Second Earth (their own territory) and Acolyte. He’s an intelligent guy, if a bit introverted. Courtney is Bobby’s rival and love interest who is his equal in almost all athletic and academic areas. Also Bobby’s Uncle Press, his mentor who got him into the adventure in the first place.

From The Merchant of Death to The Soldiers of Halla, it’s an excellent series that I recommend very much. But it may take a while to get through all of them…

Article by Reshad Burchfield

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