Why I Wish I Were a Zombie

Resident Evil: Afterlife is one of those movies that just shouldn’t have been made into a movie. It’s a movie that makes an Uwe Boll movie look Oscar-worthy. It’s a movie that shows why movie franchises shouldn’t have more than 2 sequels; for those of you who don’t know, this movie is the 3rd sequel (if you don’t count the computer generated movie that came out in 2008) to the original movie, Resident Evil, which came out in 2002. This is also one of those movies based off of a video game, and those movies generally don’t succeed in many ways.

The reason for this movie’s worthlessness is, for one thing, the acting. The acting was so dry and horrible. I felt like I was watching a B movie with a big budget. The fact that they made this movie in 3D proves the newest Hollywood approach: making 3D movies to raise ticket sales. It looked like they forcefully hired The Matrix’s special effect crew by saying, “Put the exact same effects for the fight scenes into this movie.” Lastly, they are preparing for another sequel. I’m really afraid to see what exactly will happen next.

So, to sum this up, this was another lame zombie-apocalypse movie that made me wish I were one of the movie’s zombies, so I’d have an excuse to get my head blown off; therefore, I wouldn’t have to deal with this movie anymore.

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