The Campus Remembers September 11th

It has been nine years since September 11th, 2001. As the years pass, it is easy to forget the impact that this traumatic event had on the world, but Parkside’s College Republicans want to guarantee that we remember.

If you have walked into the Student Center’s main entrance lately, you probably have seen the 9/11 Memorial set up. Each flag represents one life lost in the attacks, and there are 2,976 flags in the memorial. Catherine Lambrechts, the president of the College Republicans, had this to say about setting up the memorial, “Placing the flags one by one really put into perspective the amount of people who died in the attacks.” Lambrechts and her organization hope that the memorial increases patriotism and appreciation for our country, America. Above all, they hope it reminds people of the tragedy appropriately. Lambrechts says, “I definitely think we’ve forgotten [about 9/11]. After the attacks, everyone put their flags out, and in years following. As the years go by, people have stopped. You don’t see that anymore.”

So, the College Republicans’ mission is to promote political awareness on campus and, also, to promote the conservative ideology. However, no matter what your ideology is, next time you pass the memorial stop and take a moment to pay your respects to those affected by the tragedy.

9/11: We will never forget.

Story by Rachel DePalma

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