New Year, New Ideas, New Developments!

Drama Club sees new developments as a new year begins a chapter of exciting events drama club plans for the upcoming semester!

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Drama Club met for the first time this year at noon on Wednesday, September 15th in the Theatre Department’s Green Room. Drama Club President, Taylor Glowac, began the meeting with welcoming notions and exciting adventures planned for Drama Club this year.
“We are all extremely excited to be back! I am so proud to see our number of members grow and grow as each year passes. You all will be very excited to be a part of the group this year because of the many developments we have planned for Drama Club! Buckle up for a year of new discoveries, talents, and adventures!” said Glowac as he opened the meeting.

The buzz continues as congratulatory remarks went out to all of those involved in the Shakespeare production, Much Ado About Nothing, which was performed on the Terrace of the Student Union last weekend. Everybody was extremely proud of the work that had gone into producing this project. Drama club hopes to continue this tradition year after year due to its popular following throughout campus.

Drama Club officers for this year include Senior Taylor Glowac, President, Senior Chad Bay, Vice President, Sophomore Brenna Kempf, Secretary, and Sophomore Kevin Duffy, Treasurer. Not only will they maintain the status and work ethic of the organization, and serve as spokesmen at campus organization meetings, they will lead committee heads within the club in their group activities and fundraisers. All officers are new to the executive board this year, except for Senior Taylor Glowac, who served as Club Secretary two years ago, and Vice President last year.

Among producing student run shows, Drama Club plans to sponsor other student-run, independent shows this year. Another new development this year for drama club is the appearance of sub-groups, or clubs branching out of the Theatre Department. Sophomore Brenna Kempf talks of starting a dance club. “I feel as if my heart is broken because I haven’t been able to dance for a couple years now. As a result, I would like to start a Dance club, and combine jazz and exercise within its activities. It’ll be sort of a ‘jazzercise’ club!” In addition, Senior Dan Kroes continues his Fight Club entitled “Swashbucklers,” and the club continues Monologue Nights in the mainstage theatre on Sunday evenings. Interestingly yet, Drama club sees the potential development of another activity entitled Performance Art, which will give individuals the opportunity to perform a new, abstract, instinctual, and spontaneous form of theatre! Ideas for this event are underway.

Drama Club is very excited to begin its many adventures this year. President Glowac closed the meeting with a very special remark. “This club is what we make it. I see a lot of talent and potential here that I am extremely proud of. But why settle with what we have? We have so much to explore in our universe here! Let’s grow. Let’s use Drama Club to prepare for what’s out there in the professional world!” Drama Club meets every Wednesday at noon in the Communication Arts Mainstage Theatre.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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