M3C Program Provides Funds for College Tuition

Photo Courtesy of M3C.

The Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Program, or M3C for short, may be quite a mouthful to pronounce, but it is definitely worth the effort. The program is a ten-state initiative program, which means it is a Midwest exclusive college financial aid program. The programs are designed to aid students from low-income families, or those who are first-generation college students. The participating student commits to working 300 hours of community service over a calendar year and receives a grant for $1,000 at the end of their work. Students can choose what kinds of community service they complete, and options including Habitat for Humanity, Growing Power, Upward Bound, tutoring, hospital work. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The rewards go beyond college financial aid. Participation in the program allows students engage in both the local and the campus communities and enhances their overall college experience. In fact, students who participate in the program have a better retention rate from freshman year to sophomore year.

How does a prospective M3C recruit get involved in the program? The first step would be to pick up an application for the program in the Student Support Services office, fill it out, and return it by October 1st. Further questions can be answered by the program coordinator, Chris Zanowski. So, good luck, future M3C Scholars. Happy serving.

Story by Rachel DePalma

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