A Spidey Good Time

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a game that I highly recommend for people who love action/platform games, and/or people who are big fans of the Spider-Man comic book series.

Gamers will love this game because it is a very action-paced game with plenty of elements that make up a good game. Every level consists of numerous tasks that you have to complete. Throughout the level, you have to face the boss three times, on average, before you finally defeat them for good. Every Spider-Man version has its own form of graphics and attack style. The original Spider-Man uses mostly web-based attacks. The Ultimate Spider-Man has a mode known as rage mode that increases its attack power for a certain amount of time. The 2099 version seems to deal with mostly physical attacks, as well as a mode called acceleration mode, which slows down time so your enemies are moving in slow motion. Finally, the Noir Spider-Man is a little more unique than the others. It deals with stealth-based attacks, and you have to remain in the shadows throughout the level or else you’re pretty much screwed, unless, of course, you can return to the shadows quickly.

Comic book fans that love Spider-Man will love this game not only because it deals with four versions of everybody’s favorite web-slinging superhero, but also because you’re fighting against a lot of his archenemies you know and love, or hate. Also, it wouldn’t be a Spider-Man game without Spider-Man’s quirky remarks/comments while he’s fighting the enemies and talking to Madame Web (your teacher-like person who guides you throughout the game).

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