A New Batch of Rangers Welcomed

And so another year begins on the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus. A new batch of freshman, unsullied like mothers’ cookies, baked in the late August welcome activities. Eager eyes yearned to make their vacant dorm rooms their homes for the upcoming school year. Moving carts clanked, as the Ranger Hall lobby looked like a toy section on Black Friday. Ranger Welcome activities primed students and faculty for a successful year. In general, academia, sweat, and a hint of motivation are in the air.

Like wise words from a graduation party, the next page of the rest of some young folks’ lives turned at new resident move-in. Around noon on August 30, cars, packed to the ceilings with everything from books to underwear, rolled into the resident parking lot. After check-in and the other rigmarole, the new residents made comfy in their rooms. Later that afternoon, the grounds were covered with people and action. Matt Greinke said, “It was nice to meet everyone. I met some crazy characters.”

All in all, the turbulent beginning has been encouraging. On August 31 at the campus terrace, Parkside’s heaviest hitters, Chancellor Debbie Ford and company, welcomed roughly 450 new students, as Rangers. Parkside Student Government president, Steve Delcuze, challenged the new students to be leaders by asking, “How does one become a leader?” He simply replied, “Just do it.”

A student commented on the steaming temperature, by saying, “days like today are proof of global warming;” with that being said, the new students did icebreakers. New students participated in activities that ranged from outlandish mock fights to a giant greeting circle. The activities continued throughout the day. Students discussed their summer reading, This I Believe II, an anthology of short essays. After a lunch, the new Rangers took part in the Ranger Day of Service, a program that cleaned up areas of the community. At the first strike of the evening, The Den opened once more and a whole slew of students mingled at Speed Friending and the Ranger Mixerrr.

On the second day of Ranger Welcome, September 1st, the activities continued. Both the School of Business and Technology and the College of Arts and Sciences welcomed the new students. The day continued with a money management seminar, then the fun began as the Brickstone Grill and Eatery opened. As the morning faded, there were more open houses than a tornado-damaged neighborhood. Lastly, the first day of September ended with a hilarious comedic performance by Pete Lee.

As the summer draws to a close, the campus bustle increases, thanks to the new faces and some familiar faces. The campus may be most exciting now due to the tremendous collegiate support. Moreover, many years ago, the legendary band, The Zombies, recorded a song, “This Will Be My Year.” To say the least, it is an optimistic song, so whose year will it be? If we all want, it could be all of ours. Welcome everyone.

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