Need Experience? Summer Internships Available Now!

There are eleven letters that signify a common idea. This desired privilege seems to be dancing around the minds and interlacing itself through the thoughts of the overwhelmed Parkside students: Summer break.

For some, this time will be utilized by catching up on credits through summer courses. For others, this may entail returning home to summer jobs. And then, there exists a percentage of the Parkside student body that has nothing planned for the long summer ahead. A possible solution for students facing this problem can be solved in another 11 letters: internships.

Students who lack summer commitments can easily maximize the best of their potential and time through internships, while getting experience that is designated towards their intended major. Although some may be discouraged by the competitive and professional nature of internships, there are a variety of internship programs available on local levels that are intended for college students. 

Students who are either interested in, or are planning on majoring in Theater Arts, can apply to the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. The theater offers internship programs in acting, directing, literary management, design and production. Although the majority of the interns are recent graduates, the company also accept current students as well.

Students who are interested in media, or plan on majoring in communications, may take advantage of various broadcasting internships. Madison’s WMSN FOX 47 offers college credit to its student interns while providing them with fieldwork in promotion and production departments. Students closer to the Milwaukee area may take advantage of WDJT-CBS 58’s internship opportunity. These positions usually require about 15-20 hours of commitment per week.

Potential biology or education majors can both benefit from the Prairie Wetland Learning Center internship opportunity in Saint Cloud, WI. This internship opportunity runs until December; however, the positions are flexible towards students with strictly summer availability. Possible interns must have completed their sophomore year of college, and will be doing biology related work. The interns will also be working with all age groups, natural resources and will spend a decent amount of time outdoors.

For potential Marketing and English majors, Madison Magazine offers internships for undergraduate students seeking college credit. Interns seeking an English degree can work in editorial positions, which allow them to write, edit and publish as well as plan layouts, projects and stories. The Marketing section of the internship allows students to maintain the online and print versions of the news in addition to working on broadcasting promotions, planning advertisement campaigns and developing strong relations to the community through public relations. All positions for interns require a minimum commitment of 10 hours a week, and offer hands on experience that will ultimately be rewarded with college credit.

The opportunities for internships in all departments are vast. Students can go online, or they can seek out local organizations to find out more about internships in their area. Although most applications will vary, in order to be considered for internship positions, it is advised that applicants provide a well composed resume and should be able to provide about 3 letters of recommendation.

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