Parkside Acts Globally, Cleans Up the Community

This Saturday, Apr. 24, Parkside is taking part in the annual Hunger Cleanup day. Joining students nationwide, they will participate in a one-day community service work-a-thon. The theme this year is “think locally, act globally”. Check in begins at 8 am in the lower Main Place of Wyllie, where there’ll be a light breakfast, and lasts until 9. Then, at 9, the groups will begin to disperse to the various sites that are planned out. There are 13 sites in all, ranging from the Racine Zoo to the Boys & Girls Club to the Shalom Center.

There are a number of ways students will be helping: raking up parks, cleaning waste, painting, cleaning windows, spreading mulch and composting gardens, beach cleanup, and even planting trees on campus. Supervisors at each site will instruct the students on what to do at each site, and the volunteering takes place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The students will then head back to Parkside for lunch at 1:00, which will be followed by a raffle and reflection. During the reflection, one student from each group will tell the others what their group did at their site, what they liked about the experience, disliked, and what they learned.

Students can sign up at the bridge until Thursday. Coinciding with the Hunger Cleanup is the food drive, which lasts all throughout April. Donations will be split between the Shalom Center, as well as the Racine County Food Bank. Donations raised from the Cleanup will go to supporting Haiti relief programs. Donations, such as breakfast and lunch (along with the raffle), were given from various places like Dunkin’ Donuts, Sam’s Club, Tinseltown, Topper’s Pizza, and from departments at Parkside.

Some of the prizes that can be won in the raffle include a $25 gift card to Sam’s Club, six passes of one hour free rental of canoes, kayaks, and bicycles at the Root River Recreation Center from the Center for Community Partnerships, and two guest passes from Tinseltown. Hunger Cleanup/Earth day is sponsored by organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Athletics Department, A.S.I.A., the Environmental Club, Omega Delta Phi, Sigma Lambda Beta, Zeta Sigma Chi, and many more.

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