Asian Heritage Month

From 12:00-4 pm in the afternoon this upcoming Wednesday, Apr. 7, there will be a celebration for Asian Heritage Month. It is sponsored by OMSA (Office of Multicultural Student Affairs) and Parkside’s Asian Organization. Some interesting performances they have planned include a Korean dance by a dance professor from Madison named Peggy Choy and a Hmong dance by Kkauj Hmoob Luag Ntxhi of Milwaukee.

Both sets of performances will include a modern dance and a more traditional dance to the programs. The different types of dances will help demonstrate how Asian culture has changed throughout the generations. “It’s a way of observing [the] evolution of culture,” says Mary Xiong of OMSA.

Other activities that are planned by the Parkside Asian Organization include Chinese acrobats, and, on the last day of Asian Heritage Month, there will be a performance by the Asian rap group Magnetic North. There will also be a Japanese instrumentalist to help teach and show students how some Japanese instruments work and are played.

A Speak Out presented by OMSA will focus on issues that plague the Asian ethnicity to this day, including gender and sexual orientation. The program, led by a Hmong GLBT organization titled, Shades of Yellow, will take place at noon on the 21st of April. It’s occuring in the Oak Room, and Kevin Xiong is the speaker.

An important point that Speak Out wants to emphasize is that even though some aspects are seen as the “norm” here in the United States, in other cultures they are not even talked about. Homosexuality is not even discussed in some parts of the world, and these are issues that many people feel need to be addressed. All of the presentations and performances will be used to open Parkside’s student body, which will feature different types of Asian culture.

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