Parkside Presidential Candidates 2010-11, The Choice is Yours!

Whether students immerse themselves in the Arts, or compete on the athletic field, Tuesday and Wednesday signifies a time period for ALL students to cast a ballot. University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Student Government (PSG) is hosting elections, Apr. 6 and 7, which will determine Executive and Legislative roles for 2010-11. Level 1 of Molinaro Hall will occupy booths for students to select who will be serving as representatives of the student voice.

The Wisconsin state statute demands that the Student Government’s obligation is to represent the students at Parkside. The State Legislature and the Governor of Wisconsin have issued them this mandate. For more information, check out In short, the statute states that the Student Government is responsible for making sure the university functions properly.

There are four individuals who wish to acquire this responsibility. Here are your presidential candidates for 2010-2011:

Stephen Delcuzé, a sophomore, is by far the youngest candidate vying for the job. He’s seeking a major in history, a minor in German, and certificates in World Wide Web Publishing, Community Based Learning, and Program Evaluation. Delcuzé is currently a Senator, and has also served a year as both Chief of Staff, and a member of the $4 million SUFAC committee. He earned the Future Leader Award in 2008-09, and before coming to college, was recognized as a Badger Boys State Citizen. His most significant achievement at Parkside is a Shared Governance Internship Program he implemented during his tenure as Chief of Staff.

Delcuzé has several points involved in his platform. “If I receive the opportunity to serve as PSG President, I want to create better communication between the Student Government and the Student Body,” Delcuzé said. “There would be a flourishing working relationship between Student Government, the Chancellor’s administration, the faculty, and the community at-large. In addition, there would be a focus on how UW-Parkside can best help our students in their classes, and assist them in the process’ that lead to graduation.” Delcuzé also thinks that students, along with faculty and the Chancellor’s administration, should work to recruit and retain diverse and energetic students to this university. Finally, he thinks there should be a united student voice that would encourage one another in their pursuits, be it athletic, musical, dramatic, creative, cultural, or scholastic.

Courtney Marshall, a double major in Business Management and Geography, has a platform committed to increasing student involvement, which will ultimately raise participation in the process. Seeking to provide an outstanding educational learning opportunity, the junior believes he’s qualified for the presidency due to his prior experience serving the community. Marshall has overseen a million dollar business investment enterprise, spent time as an assets manager in Racine, volunteered in several community programs, and is currently a board member of the Young Leaders of Kenosha organization.

Ronnie Beesley, studying Political Science and International Studies, has served for the student body as Senator for two years. In addition, the junior is currently the President pro-tempore of the Parkside Senate. Beesley desires to unify the student voice so Parkside can forward a truly student centered agenda.

Patricia (Patti) Jensen, a double major in Economics and Business Administration, also holds concentrations in Finance and Spanish. The senior wants to serve students in their endeavors, as well as promote a unified student body. She supports more assistance for academic clubs, more enthusiasm for Parkside athletics, and more efficient and fair use of student funds. Jensen has spent three years as both President of Sacred Circle, and Senator for PSG. She is actively involved in Parkside Adult Student Alliance, and has served as a member of the SUFAC committee, the Constitution committee, University Pow Wow Planning committee, and the Search and Screen committee for Nurse Practitioner at Student Health Counseling Center.

Article by Eric Zizich

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