PSG Elections Approaching, Vice-President Spotlights

April PSG elections are approaching, and there are four candidates that are running for the position of Vice-President. For this reason, it’s important that students are informed about the duties of the Vice-President in order to make accurate and confident decisions. According to the PSG constitution, the Vice-President is supposed to give them an itemized budget, and is required to issue a monthly report. The Vice-President has to act as the PSG liaison to lobbying organizations as well as collaborating events with these organizations. The Vice-President is supposed to provide students and the guests at assemblies with the materials to be informed, as well as work together with the student body and PSG representatives. If the office becomes vacant, there will be a new V.P. that the President places into power, and that has to be approved by a two-third vote of the Senate.

That brings us to the candidates. The one contact that could not be reached for any sort of commentary was Adam M. Spivey. If you would like to hear his platform, you can email him directly at The next candidate is Dana Calamia. During the past year, she has served as a Senator, a member of S.U.F.A.C., and a member of the Student Life Committee. Two of the main responsibilities of the V.P. are chairing the S.L.C. and presenting the following year’s budget to S.U.F.A.C. Dana says in relation to this, “I could not have been with two better committees.” She has also attended United Council conventions, the 2010 S.U.F.A.C. summit, and she plans to attend the Legislative Conference for the United States Students’ Association. All of this experience has given Dana a sense of fiscal responsibility for PSG’s actions. She states,”As Vice President I want to closely monitor the PSG budget and carefully create next years budget to be sure that we are using student money as efficiently as possible and to everyone’s best interest.” She also wants to help the S.L.C. build a strong relationship with the Student Life departments. Dana believes in total transparency in Student Government, and hopes to help the student body become informed on the issues and actions within PSG. She also wants the student body to bring ideas and opinions to the table. She notes that the Vice-President must represent Parkside on a State level with every other school in the U.W. system. She believes that she must represent both the university, as well as the student needs adequately on the state level, and must help organize students to advocate policies at the state level. She mentions that her main goal is to see PSG grow and to expand the presence of PSG on campus. If you would like to reach her for further comment, her email is

Corina Eufinger, a Vice-President candidate, was diagnosed with cancer a number of years ago. “After battling cancer, I decided to stop sitting on the sidelines of life. I served as State Senator Judy Robson’s intern for a year in 2003.” Corina’s platform includes increasing the academic scholarships available to the Parkside students and establishing more communication throughout the student body. Corina can be reached at

Crystal Berns has decided to run for V.P. with two primary goals in mind. “First, I believe there is a severe disconnect between PSG and the student body, and I plan to rectify this by keeping the students informed of PSG activities via multiple outlets including web pages, Facebook, posting on campus and email. Second, there is also a rift between S.U.F.A.C./ S.O.C. and the University’s clubs and organizations.” She claims that she will hold S.U.F.A.C./ S.O.C. responsible for manipulating or cutting budgets. She also wants to make all decisions within that they make readily available in the public record. She hopes to assure that all reports from the clubs to S.U.F.A.C. are documented. “Both goals focus on the central idea that PSG is to represent the student body’s interests to the fullest,” Burns says. Her qualifications include Presidency in the Philosophy Club, employment in accounting, customer service, financial advising, management, and she is the V.P. of P.A.S.A. Her email is

If you are a candidate who has been left out or you feel that this article has not represented you fully and correctly, please send your full platform to and an update will be constructed.

Story by Jake Halverson

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