Meet the Candidates and the PSG Debates, Stay Informed!

It is time for the Parkside Student Government (PSG) elections once again. In an attempt to keep the student body informed, PSG has scheduled two events that will help everyone meet and understand the platforms of the candidates. These events are titled ‘Meet the Candidates,’ and the other event is the PSG Debates. Meet the Candidates has been moved to the University Ballroom in order to accommodate the large number of potential candidates. There are thirty- five individuals running for a PSG office job this election season, therefore, the ballroom is certainly required. Parkside Student Government has decided to set aside four separate areas for the candidates. There are spots set aside for the Presidential candidates, the Vice-Presidential candidates, the Senatorial candidates, and the SUFAC. students at large. Meet The Candidates will offer the student body a number of chances to meet all of the potential candidates. If there are any personal or political questions that must be addressed to the candidates, Monday, March 29th, at 3:30 in the University Ballroom is the proper place to inquire about such matters. This event is relatively informal and will give you a chance to meet all of the candidates and examine the platforms that they are running on. All students are welcome.

The other event that allows for the student body to learn about the policies candidates stand for, is being held the next night at the same time in the U.W.P. cinema. The debates will include the Presidential candidates, Vice Presidential candidates, and the SUFAC candidates. There will be an assigned monitor that will ask the candidates assigned questions that will be answered to the best of the their ability. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions after the initial set given by the moderator. The questions have not yet been formulated by the elections committee. The debates are a forum for the candidates in which they will answer the questions that the student body, staff, and faculty may deem important, controversial, or critical in their relations to campus affairs.

This is a year demonstrating PSG’s, as well as the candidate’s effort to increase student involvement. The PSG Administrator stated, “I’m looking forward to more student involvement in the selection of officials on campus. These events have often been requested, and it’s exciting to have a part in making them happen.” After several years of waiting for events such as these, PSG has finally pushed to make them happen, and the student rate of campus involvement in these Student Governmental affairs and issues appears to be on the rise. In order to decide what is truly best for this University, the student body must make informed decisions. Meet the Candidates, and the PSG Debates are an excellent means of becoming informed on the policies that will affect all students in the near future.

Story by Jake Halverson

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