Student I.D. Required for S.A.C.

The segregated fees that are paid by students of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside allow them access to the S.A.C. Everyone else has to pay. Memberships for the S.A.C. must be purchased if you are a part-time student, alumni, faculty, staff or just an adult. The S.A.C. has chosen to implement a new policy according to Tammie S. Falk- Day who is the Interim Athletic Director.

Be prepared to show your Ranger Card when entering the Sports and Activity center. According to her,” It is unfair that those that do not pay for this facility are benefiting from it. We will immediately begin enforcing our current policy that everyone entering the Sports and Activity Center must show their Ranger ID when asked.”

Yes, that’s right. Students have been abusing their privileges by letting non-students enter the facility free of charge. Due to these violators, you now must show your Ranger Card in every part of the S.A.C. This applies to students who are taking classes in the S.A.C. as well. If you are taking a mini-course, you must verify your name on the enrollment roster. If you do not comply with this, you will be asked to leave the S.A.C.

This abuse of privileges is evidently the highest in winter months. According to Nancy J. Franzen, people who are neither U.W.P. students nor S.A.C. members are often caught without Ranger Cards, claiming that they had forgotten to bring it. Many previous students have used the S.A.C. when they were no longer eligible to do so. This is due to the continued activity of their cards. No one has bothered to deactivate them.

Community members many times attempt to abuse their privileges as well. It is not uncommon for them to sneak by and use the facility without an active membership because they are recognized by the other members and staff. Many part-time students have also used the facility without a membership due to their lack of knowledge or their intentional attempt to use the center without paying for a membership. There is also a problem of unmanned doors, which students let people in through. With a plethora of ways to sneak into the S.A.C., there is no question why the staff has chosen to implement this new policy. The slight inconvenience of presenting a Ranger Card will assure that only members are admitted into the S.A.C.

Story by Jake Halverson

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