Guitar Club Welcomes All

Joseph Pearson of the Philosophy department has decided to start a guitar club that is nonprofit, free to join, and open to all Parkside students. Up to twenty-five percent of the organization can consist of non- students, so this organization is open to the general public as well. According to Joseph Pearson, the club is brand new and, “. . .the first semester will probably be something of a trial period to work out the many details of such a club. You do not have to play or own a guitar to join the Club, and the Club welcomes guitar-players at all levels of proficiency.” What more can you ask for?

Meetings are at noon when nearly everyone is available and interested parties needn’t even know how to play guitar! On top of this, there will be a raffle at the meeting and sixteen attendees will receive a free guitar calendar. The initial meeting will allow potential members to figure out exactly what they would like to contribute to the club. The club’s intention is to “. . . promote interest in all styles of guitar-oriented music and guitar playing,” according to Pearson.

Julian Paulsen has been named the chairperson of the Guitar Club and has pledged to offer as much support as is possible to the organization from his father’s business the Music Center, which is located in Kenosha. If you are interested in becoming a board member of the organization, you must be in good academic standing, which means that you must carry at least six non-audit credits and you must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. You can run for president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, web master, and more positions as long as you are eligible.

This club will consist of many possibilities. One idea for the club consists of Jam sessions for which Mr. Pearson has several recordings with backing music for several different genres. As the sessions become more popular, it is the guitar club’s hope that musicians that play other instruments such as drums, bass, piano, and brass instruments will join in to accompany the guitar sessions. It is also hoped that the club will spark interest in many different styles of guitar in the sense that there will be several different rooms of Guitar Jam sessions with different styles of music that will be played at different levels of proficiency. There will likely be basic guitar instruction for beginners as well as the trading of guitar related DVD’s, tablatures, and books.

Also, there might be film sessions during some of the meetings that will examine the historical significance and impact of different aspects of guitar playing. According to Pearson, “Music theory, guitar-making, electric guitar effects, amplifiers, etc., are all possible topics that might be scheduled.” If there is a strong enough interest from students, then all of these possibilities can be explored and Parkside will have an amazing resource for guitarists, guitar theory, guitar jam sessions, and for musicians who play other instruments.

There is nothing set in stone besides the date and time of the first meeting, which is Monday, February 8th at noon, the free calendars, and a strong and committed approach to getting the club off of the ground . The meeting will be at noon in Molinaro D-139 and the club is completely open to suggestions since it is at the point of its inception. There are an infinite number of possibilities for this organization that would cause it to flourish.

It is your duty as a Parkside student and a payer of segregated fees to make use of this infinitely valuable resource and make the first meeting of the U.W.P. Guitar Club a success! If you are unable to make the meeting or would like more information email Professor Pearson at

Story by Jake Halverson

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