Arts Alive Presents Patrick Combs

Wednesday night, people flooded in to see Patrick Combs in his show “Man:1, Bank: 0,” brought to Parkside by the program Arts Alive. Said to be a “fun and great speaker” by a man heading back inside after intermission, the night seemed to be quite a hit. Combs is known for depositing a 95,000 dollar junk mail check that his bank took! So now he tells the story of taking on not only his local bank, but the Feds as well.

He is known as not only a good speaker, but a humorous entertainer. Arts Alive presents various concerts and shows from around the world at a value affordable for all students! On the thirteenth of February, at seven-thirty at night, the Nob Hill Boys are coming to Parkside. A well known bluegrass group, the award winning band has produced three CDs and has entertained people across the Midwest for the past six years. On February twenty-fourth, actor Mel Johnson Jr. (who has co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger and starred in the Lion King on Broadway in which he played King Mufasa) will perform as Frederick Douglass in “The Shadow of Slavery.” It will be a one man performance.

Then on March twenty-third, a group named Celtic Crossroads will be coming, a group that has already been at Parkside, but under a different name. There’s sure to be singing, dancing, and many instruments used in this performance by the Irish and Scottish band members. Finally, a performance I’m looking forward to, on May eighth, Di Wu will be performing a hand selected program of solo piano and concerto features that will feature the UW Parkside Symphony Orchestra.

The standard price for the performances is twenty dollars, so if there is anything you’re interested in, go reserve seats now before they’re sold out! For more information about the following performances, such as times and where one can go to buy tickets, head to the school website or contact Dwight Vaught, who is the Special Events Coordinator, at (262) 595-2277. He can also be emailed at

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