Spotlight on Meal Plans

Here at Parkside, in order to live on campus, you need a meal plan. The cost of the meal plan includes an enrollment fee of $365 per semester to cover basic needs like rent, utilities, salaries for the dining room staff, etc. The money that is left over is added to your Ranger Card to be used at any of the dining locations on campus. So, if you buy the cheapest plan at $940, after the enrollment fee is taken out, you are left with $565 Dining Dollars.

With the meal plan, you get food from the Brickstone Grill and Eatery at a 50% discount (aside from the things like sushi). It can also be used at the other dining locations, but you pay full price. However, you are not taxed on any of the things you buy.

I interviewed some students, and the average of what they have left on their card equaled $217. Now, this money will roll over to the spring semester, but after the spring term is over, the money is given back to the school and the students are not reimbursed. There are four plans one can choose from: a $940, $1,045, $1,150, $1,253. You cannot live on campus without having a meal plan, even if you do not really eat at school.

Food is available on campus from 7 am-11pm Monday through Friday at any of these locations: Brickstone Grill and Eatery (located on the D1 level of the Student Center), Encore (again, located on the D1 level of the Student Center), The Den (located on the D2 level of the Student Center), Molinaro Joe’s (located on the Molinaro Concourse), Wyllie Market (located on the D1 level of Wyllie Hall). The hours are more limited on the weekends.

If need be, you can add money in any amount during the semester to your card without any additional administrative changes, in case you should run out of money. All of this information can be found on the school website under Residence Life, where you can also find the Housing and Dining Application, which is needed to live on campus.

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