Player Profile: Jason Moxley

UW-Parkside’s student population might recognize a certain 6’0 athletic frame sporting a head and face of radiant blonde hair (as soccer standout Jason Moxley); However, limiting the 21-year-old from Waukegan, Illinois to merely his exploits on the field is actually discrediting an epic life journey. Moxley not only impacts Parkside’s community on the field, but also off it as President and Ambassador of Campus Crusade for Christ.

From the moment of his conception, Moxley had a distinct passion for athletics. Attending Antioch Community High School (2002-06′), he competed at the varsity level in volleyball, wrestling, and soccer. In addition, he frequently engaged in skiing and participated in multiple paintball tournaments in the area.

With a promising soccer career unfolding, Moxley sought to enhance his skills by playing club ball with the Chicago Kickers’ organization.

Even at a youthful stage, ‘Mox’ (as he’s known by teammates and coaches) exemplified a resiliency quite remarkable for anyone. Joining the wrestling team at Antioch, his friends not only doubted the decision, but also found it humorous.

“They all railed on me for it, but I came out of my first [wrestling] tournament winning it all,” Moxley said. “I came to school the next day with that belt around my waste, and they were in disbelief; it was a satisfying feeling.”

Benefited by an academic scholarship, he attended UW-Parkside with the daunting task of having to prove his athletic ability to gain respect. Despite being recruited in high school earning All-County honors, he red-shirted his freshman year. He didn’t receive an athletic scholarship until showcasing his potential at the college level.

After getting acquainted with Parkside’s soccer program, his career took off. With the assistance of head coach Rick Kilps, Moxley witnessed himself being molded into one of the top-tier defensemen in the Great Lakes Valley NCAA Division II conference.

However, even with all of the accolades and star power surrounding the talented young man, trials and tribulations still provided adversity that only a courageous individual could overcome.

“I was living a lifestyle that didn’t offer me any spiritual satisfaction,” said Moxley. “When Campus Crusade [for Christ] staff leader Chris Chambers and the rest of the members challenged me, I began to look at everything in a new perspective.”

Campus Crusade for Christ, one of UW-Parkside’s several Christian organizations around campus offered a spiritual buffer for Moxley to take refuge in. Following his freshman year, such a transformation would not only enhance his faith, but also allow the young man to flourish in all facets of his life.

“Since that point of putting my faith in Christ, everything’s been better,” he proclaimed. “This includes an improvement in my relationship with family and friends, my academic performance, and my overall outlook on life.”

In light of so many positive developments in his college career, Moxley’s journey has not been satisfied with simply settling for mediocrity. Being an ambassador for Campus Crusade, he has personified leadership qualities that have served to nurture students in their hunger for spiritual satisfaction.

“Through much maturity and growth of his faith in Christianity, he has learned to be a capable leader,” assured Chambers. “I can trust Jason Moxley with anything.”

With the motivation to enrich his relationship between soccer and his faith, Moxley embarked on a summer missions project in Colorado just this past year. Bunking in a home with athletes from all over the country, they spent the summer partaking in athletics, bible study, community service work, and stimulating each other spiritually.

“It was a valuable experience that taught me how to connect with God through soccer,” he said.

Representing a team leader and defensive anchor of Parkside’s No. 22 ranked men’s soccer squad, Moxley has performed his share of heroics. His most memorable highlight would come in a home match against Missouri S & T in which his miraculous goal with just minutes remaining would preserve the Rangers’ undefeated record at the time.

Currently a junior, Moxley’s aspirations of playing soccer at a professional level are complemented by his majors in fitness management, applied health science, and a concentration in pre-kinesiology. He is also perusing certificates in coaching, sports management, personal training, and strength and conditioning.

“It’s easier to just go through the motions and not maximize one’s potential,” Moxley said. “But I work as if I’m working for the Lord; no matter what I do in life, faith in Him will be my greatest achievement.”

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