Got A Clue?

“You can’t touch us, but we can touch you all we want.” That was the main rule the Warped Cast gave us as we got ready to watch Clue. Starting at eight, popcorn in hand, audience members prepared themselves for the wacky world of interactive show, not quite sure what to expect from the cast.

The audience’s first job was to choose which ending they most wanted to see! Before it began, the “cop” asked audience members which ending they’d like: a random ending or all three endings, taking a vote and deciding right before the show began which would be played (or if all three of them would).

The movie began, and aside from a brief technical difficulty, it started without a hitch. The rest of the night had me laughing constantly. It was a cast where guys played girls and girls played guys, interacting with the movie on the screen. Their ad-libs were not for the shy or modest, however. One of the viewers, Diane, said, “It’s a shame more people didn’t show up because I think they would’ve liked it.”

Warped Cast is made up of “a group of crazy people who enjoy running around movie theaters in costumes acting out the movie in front of the screen,” as their website states (which can be found at They also have a facebook, so be sure to add them for dates and future shows!

Most of the cast members got their start in Rocky Horror Picture Show in Milwaukee, and they liked the experience so much they decided to do more movies. Joanne, who played Mrs. Peacock, says, “We decided to make our own little group at a different theater.” And there they are now, at the Times Cinema in Milwaukee, where they’ve done movies like Jurassic Park and Little Shop Of Horrors.

They’re ending their second season now, and beginning their third soon. They have a multitude of shows lined up: Beetlejuice from October through December, Clueless from January through March, Goonies from April through June, The Princess Bride from July through September, and Ghostbusters from October thorugh December of next year. All shows are five dollars and start at midnight on one Friday and one Saturday a month.

It was a fun show, with great audience interaction, and wonderful comedic timings from the cast members. Using limited props and costumes, the cast does a great job at getting the audience to use their imagination. They hope to come back to Parkside next year.

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