Back To Winning Ways: Parkside 6 – St. Joseph’s 1

The Women’s Soccer team took on the Pumas of St. Joseph today, in a match that would turn out to be very one sided. With just under one hundred and fifty in attendance at Wood Road Field, the Rangers would stop the losing streak and goalless drought with a 6-1 defeat of the visiting St. Joseph’s College.

It’s been a rough stretch for the Rangers the past three games, being shutout in each match, and losing on home ground for the first time since the 2006 campaign.

“Mentally we had to move past feeling sorry for ourselves,” said Coach Troy Fabiano, “We still have five games left in conference, and, with the teams that we’ve lost to, you can sit and argue with anybody to say that they are better than us.”

It certainly wasn’t hard to tell who was in control in this afternoon’s contest. The women’s team had control of the ball for practically the whole match, and out shot St. Joseph 29-3, not allowing any shots, for St. Joeseph for the entire second half.

The first half saw very open play, as St. Joseph went into a defensive shell after scoring their lone goal on the afternoon. The Rangers stuck the possession game to the Pumas, getting six shots on goal, five corners, and out shooting them the Pumas by fifteen in the first half alone.

The Rangers burst out of their goalless drought, with people still making their way to the stands, in the first minute of the contest, Becky Zirlin belted a shot from 35 yards out for the first goal of the match.

Not to be shown up by the deep goal, St. Joseph midfielder Stephanie Wiethop tied things up in the 19th minute with a curling deep ball from the left wing. Cassie Glodowski was just unable to get her fingertips to the shot. As it stood, the winless Pumas tied the Rangers, and looked to make a match of it.

However, this wouldn’t be the case for St. Joseph, as the women of Parkside took it from that point on. It seemed as though all but two players for St. Joseph played defense, and it simply wouldn’t be enough.

In the 26th minute, after a great string of passes opened up the flooded St. Joseph box, Becky Zirlin whipped in a cross that found the speedy Crystal Chalery for Parkside’s second goal of the match.

Minutes removed from the second goal, Crystal Chalery sprung a sprinting Shannon Becker. Becker, who was being held and also lost her shoe on the way toward goal, just curled her shot left of goal.

“2-1 game at half time,” said Coach Fabiano, “we needed to make some adjustments up top, and make sure we were really focused on what we were going to do.”

Coach Fabiano had plenty of adjustments for the women’s team today, much of which were to shake things up, and test out pieces.

“As a coach, when you don’t get results in three games, something has to change. Get a spark plus, get some motivation going. We changed things up. We put some people in different positions to try some different things. It helped, but in the same sense I think we’ll get tested a little bit more against stiffer competition.”

The second half would see Parkside dominate in simply every aspect. St. Joseph didn’t even have a shot registered in the second half, and it left Parkside with 45 minutes to get three games worth of frustrations vindicated.

Just like the first half, the first minute of the second half featured a Parkside goal. Madison Pickett received a pass from Crystal Chalery, and netted her third goal this season.

The next goal for Parkside would be on a penalty kick, awarded after a shove from inside the box. Meredith Novak would take the penalty, and then bury it low into the left corner for her seventh goal of the year.

We would then see another goal scored by Crystal Chalery today, after Caitlin Moon set her up from inside the box. Crystal Chalery had been playing in a more defensive role this season, due to injures on the team, but Coach Fabiano made a move to shake things up.

“Crystal Chalery brings a pace that I don’t know if anyone can match her. She has very good pace. She’s unbelievably fast. We knew coming in she’s pretty raw, she’s a freshman, but she has pace that nobody can keep up with.”

Capping off an outstanding second half for the Rangers would be Natalie Brown, who scored her first of the season in the 78th minute of the game. Brown’s goal was set by a great series of passes. Jasmine Espino set Shannon Becker loose, who crossed it in on goal from the right wing.

The women’s team is now 7-2-2, and desperately needed a result like this today. The Rangers next three games are all on the road. They will be facing Lewis University October 11th, the University of Illinois-Springfield October 16th, and then a big game will come against Quincy University on October 18th.

“Nobody is going to feel sorry for us,” said Coach Fabiano post-game, “People are going to come and try to take out their frustrations on our success last year. I don’t care what our record is, we’re always going to be the team people try and play their best game against. Whoever wins this conference is going to be the team that gets on a roll, starts feeling good about themselves, and starts getting results. We need to move forward. What’s done is done, you can’t change it, learn from it, and move on.”

With the result cashed in this afternoon, there is a lot to take a step forward from, and this team is hopefully back on it’s way toward another strong finish in the Great Lakes Valley Conference.

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