Rangers Rout Kentucky Wesleyan, 7-0

The women of Parkside weren’t going to need any overtime to decide this one today. On a beautiful day on Parkside’s home ground of Wood Lane Road, the Rangers would rout Kentucky Wesleyan College 7-0 before a great crowd this afternoon.

The game got off and running at noon, and saw the Women’s Soccer Team dominating the ball early and often. Five minutes into this one Parkside forced a corner, which saw a near rebound opportunity fly wide of goal. However, as early as it was in the game, this set the stage for having Kentucky’s keeper Natalie McCaslin be very active this afternoon.

Around the ten minute mark, Kentucky had one of their few deep pushes into Parkside’s defense. Kristen Chinn, of Kentucky Wesleyan, took a shot from the edge of the box, but sent it way up and over for a goal kick.

Moments after this would see a questionable call from the officials. Parkside striker Shannon Becker won a corner for Parkside, and that corner would be put in on goal. However, the official waved it off, saying there was a Parkside foul in the box.

“They said a foul’s a foul, said she leaned into her, which I didn’t agree with,” said Coach Troy Fabiano, “You never know. It was 0-0 at the time. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t a goal at the time.”

Fortunately for Parkside, the goals came and kept on coming. After a near opportunity for Becky Zirlin inside the box, Meredith Novak would come through with the first goal of the game, knocking home a goal into the left corner.

After the first goal, Parkside’s pace was very evident. Kentucky Wesleyan looked like they were trying to match their speed and pace to no avail. They were trying to get their throw-ins in as quickly as possible, but would often not have their coverage to support them on the back end of speeding up the game.

The 30th minute would be all Parkside, as midfielder Kristen Benson was all over the ball, and the team would set up some great scoring opportunities. Meredith Novak would take a blast from deep range only to miss wide, and have it sent back for a goal kick.

The chances were getting there, and would eventually see through. In the 39th minute, just after being substituted for Shannon Becker, Kelsey Krzyzaniak would chip in the second goal for Parkside. Then, four minutes removed from gaining a 2-0 lead, Parkside would be awarded a penalty kick. The penalty kick would be taken by Junior midfielder Kahili Cheng, who would bury the penalty kick into the right corner where Kentucky Wesleyan’s keeper had no chance of stopping it.

It took Parkside two whole minutes into the second half to pick up where they left off. Striker Shannon Becker ran clean past Kentucky Wesleyan’s defense and sent home Parkside’s fourth goal of the game in the 47th minute.

After some bouts over possession, and a stoppage for a Kentucky Wesleyan injury, forward Kristen Benson would send another goal home for Parkside in the 68th minute, the fifth of the game for the women’s team. Parkside, wearing black this afternoon, were being given enough space and time to make efforts like Benson’s possible.

While it wasn’t looking too good for them, Kentucky Wesleyan would get their best opportunity to get a goal this afternoon moment’s after Benson’s goal. Kentucky Wesleyan raced in, near the edge of the box and chipped the shot over keeper Cassie Glodowski’s reach, but off the top of the crossbar.

The game for Kentucky Wesleyan, from that moment, would see the majority of their races into Parkside territory snuffed out by defender Crystal Chalery, who simply was too fast for Wesleyan to keep pushing forward.

In the 77th minute, a great pass from Becky Zirlin would find Meredith Novak in the box. Novak would notch her second goal of the game, and Parkside’s sixth.

Kelsey Krzyzaniak, again coming on in substitution of Shannon Becker, would pick up her second goal of the game in the 79th minute, two minutes removed from Novak’s second of the game. Krzyzaniak’s second goal was a fantastic header that spiked down into the net from a corner, and, from there, it was all but finished with Parkside leading 7-0.

“I thought in the second half we picked up our level of play. I thought that was the biggest thing, because we challenged them at half time to pick it up,” said Coach Fabiano after the match, “Sometimes when you get up to three goals, people start to put cruise on, and that’s when people start to get hurt. But, we didn’t give them any chance to breathe.”

This rout should set them team in high spirits on to their next game at Bellarmine University next Friday, as well at on the road to Northern Kentucky University next Sunday. While both games are vital, the game against Northern Kentucky should be a big one for the Women’s team.

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