Lady Rangers Equalize, but Couldn’t Capitalize. Parkside 1 – Southern Indiana 1

The University of Wisconsin Parkide’s Women’s Soccer Team faced the University of Southern Indiana in a dog fight today, which was heavily controlled, not by the players, but mostly by the officiating.

The opening ten minutes of the match were controlled by the ladies of Parkside, as striker Shannon Becker pushed forward deep down the right wing creating two quick chances. She would spend much of the game churning out runs and chances deep in both forward wings.

As was the case with this whole match, Southern Indiana would fly down the field and deliver a chance of their own. The 12th minute of the contest saw Parkside’s keeper Cassie Glodowski get into the action, as she bobbled, and eventually saved, Southern Indiana’s first shot on goal.

The teams would keep at each other with chances in each other’s offensive zones. At the 18th minute of play, Meredith Novak was nearly set loose from inside the box, but the pass was led on just out of her reach. On the ensuing rush back, from Novak’s chance, Southern Indiana would nearly net the first goal of the match, but the shot was sent up and over the crossbar.

The game would continue to rush back and forth, and, in doing so, several minor fouls were called. It felt as though there was a foul called for ever minute of this match, and it was something that Coach Troy Fabiano wasn’t pleased with.

“The referee was calling everything of anything, which I think is for the girls to get into a flow, for both sides,” said Coach Fabiano after the game, We just knew it was going to be a very physical game, but the flow of the game never really got going.”

Coach Fabiano would address how he felt about the officiating in the 84th minute, and it led to him being booked.

“He said he had one for me, so I asked him to give it to me,” Fabiano said laughing, “Sometimes it gets difficult when the girls can’t figure out whether the referee is going to let it go. Game wise, I think both teams struggled adjusting to it.”

While the amount of fouls called may have been questionable, there were still infinite amounts of scoring chances drawn, both from the fouls, and without the fouls. Parkside generated nine corners at the end of full time, one of which would lead to the equalizing goal.

Southern Indiana scored the first goal of the game in the 56th minute of the match, after a defensive turnover lead directly to a shot from close range. It was in the second half that Southern Indiana looked to slowly start controlling the ball better, after Parkside seemed to control it for the better part of the first half. However, the back and forth of the contest started to tug Parkside’s way.

In the very late stages of the second half, down a goal, Parkside would equalize off a corner which was won after a brilliant run into the box by Crystal Chalery. The goal wasn’t scored direct from the corner, but after it fell on the ground, and was fumbled by Southern Indiana keeper Stephanie Bodamer. Freshmen midfielder Madison Pickett was there to slam home the equalizing goal for Parkside in the 78th minute of the game.

Minutes from the equalizer, Parkside would push hard into the box, and that’s when play was stopped for an injury. After making a run on goal, Parkside midfielder Kristen Benson would clip a charging Stephanie Bodamer in the face with a boot, as the two charged in at one another as the ball rolled between them in the box. Stephanie Bodamer would play on.

Not more than seven minutes from the play stoppage, Shannon Becker would have a huge opportunity to close the book on the game. Becker had Bodamer one on one, after a defense splitting pass that had defenders looking for an offsides more than where Becker was racing toward. Bodamer stood strong, and saved Becker’s close range strike.

The game would head into overtime tied 1-1, and it would end 1-1. After a grueling 130 minutes of play, it ended in a tie.

The first period of overtime personified this whole game in it’s last minute of play. Everyone on the field turned on the jets and flew into another level. In the last minute of that overtime, Parkside and Southern Indiana exchanged fast paced scoring chances, but came away empty.

The second period of overtime saw two great chances for Parkside go for not, as the players visibly showed the duration of the game.

In the end, it’s a tie. It’s not the result you want, but, in an instance of being down late in the game, it’s one that you can settle for against a very fierce team such as Southern Indiana.

“We knew it was going to be a battle coming in,” said Coach Fabiano postgame, “They played two Division I teams. They played Northern Alabama, which is ranked, and beat Northern Kentucky, which is ranked. So, they played a very stiff competition, schedule wise. We just knew it was going to be a physical game coming in.”

With the match against Southern Indiana now complete, the women’s soccer team of UW Parkside will head back to Wood Road Field this Sunday, at noon, to face the Panthers of Kentucky Wesleyan College. I expect the women’s team to come out with a chip on their shoulder for that game, as this contest today would have been a great one to pick up.

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