Need Satisfaction? Try Volunteering!

There are so many ways to get involved not only with our community, but with other charities and organizations. Some great charities include Unicef, St. Jude’s, Alzheimer’s Association, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Red Cross, Avert for AIDS in Africa, Planned Parenthood; there are so many more.

You don’t need to donate money to get involved, just by getting the word out about the organization helps. Go on the three day walk for a breast cancer cure to help, or hand out flyers in the Student Center or other places around campus that feature one or a couple of your favorite organizations and tell other students a bit about them. Host a contest of some sort where all the donations and money made go to the charity or organization of your choice. There are endless possibilities to how you can help!

Here at Parkside, all you have to do is go down to the Volunteer center to find out how you can get involved. There’s nothing more satisfying than volunteering your own time to help others. If you’re new, you might not know where the Volunteer center is. To get there, you just go to the new Advising and Career center located in Wyllie Hall, near the old bookstore. Who do you ask for? Mr. Casey Jones.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Jones, who informed me of how I, and you, can get involved. First off, his office hours are from eight in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. After a brief discussion, talking about why you personally are volunteering and what you’re interested in, he’ll go through the steps on Rangertrak and help you get started!

It takes five minutes to sign up, that’s it. Once you sign up, you’ll get emails about new volunteering opportunities along with new internships available. You can pick which volunteer jobs you sign up for, it all depends on your interests and what you like to do.

Everyone has a different reason for volunteering. Mr. Jones started out because, “My grandmother made me do it.” And now, he loves it. It doesn’t matter if your grandmother makes you, because you love helping out, or maybe because you want the experience volunteering gives you, in the end, “Most students do it because they love it.”

On October 24th, there’s a campus wide volunteer program called Make A Difference day. The turn out is usually 100 to 150 students. It’s an all day activity, where you visit about 15 different sites throughout Racine and Kenosha to participate in volunteer activities.

In the spring, there’s another campus wide volunteer program that the students plan. So not only are you able to help out, you get the experience of planning a pretty big event. They plan for breakfast, lunch, where they’re going to spend the day; everything is in the students’ hands.

So, if you like helping people out and gathering new experiences up (employers love that) head on down to the Advising and Career center and go visit Mr. Jones.

And if you only some free time, make sure to tell your family and friends about some of your favorite organizations. Show your support. Make a difference.

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